Below you will find a selection of talks, interviews and articles that are available online.

The Compassion Initiative Podcast. Clinical Psychologists, Dr James Kirby and Dr Stan Steindl engaging in ongoing conversations about issues related to compassion. [Listen Here]

Alphabet of the Heart Podcast Series. Dr James R. Doty (Neurosurgeon and Director of the Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research Education (CCARE) at Stanford University) and Dr James Kirby (Honorary Associate Professorship at the CCARE at Stanford University) discussing the mnemonic Dr Doty created called, ‘Alphabet of the Heart” listen as they discuss and reflect on each issue. [Listen Here]

The Power of Compassion. Imagine somebody being critical of you, putting you down every day. That can be depressing. What’s more, if you do it to yourself over a long period it can cause changes in your brain, your body and your feelings. Professor Paul Gilbert and Dr James Kirby discuss the power of Compassion Focussed Therapy and how you can train your mind to be more compassionate towards yourself and others.
[Listen Here]

The Art and Science of Compassion. Professor Paul Gilbert and Dr James Kirby explain that compassion is actually one of only three essential emotional drivers built into our evolution and that practising compassion has been scientifically proven to make us happier. [Listen Here]

The Psychology of Secrets. Are you good with secrets? Are you the kind of person people can confide in? Dr James Kirby says if you want to be told a secret you’re better off being assertive and compassionate rather than enthusiastic and polite. [Listen Here]

Incorporating Physiological Data in Psychological Research. In this episode Dr James Kirby and Jeffrey Kim discuss the importance of measuring and incorporating physiological data into their research, particularly measuring heart rate variability. [Listen Here]

The Conversation. Dr James Kirby has had several articles published on The Conversation. Topics have included rage, anger management, coping with anxiety and fear of death. [Read Here]

Dr James Kirby has been called upon over the years to give his expert opinion on issues and discussion on ABC News for both radio interviews, television segments and news articles. [Read Here]

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