Choose Compassion

In this engaging and timely book, Kirby traverses philosophy, psychology and pop culture to show how we can choose compassion to make our lives healthier, happier and more meaningful.

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Making An Impact on Mental Health: The Applications of Psychological Research

Covering a range of themes conducive to understanding and facilitating improved mental health, Making an Impact on Mental Health is invaluable reading for advanced students in clinical psychology and professionals in the mental health field.

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‘This book is a peek inside the minds of clinical scientists who are doing cutting-edge research on attachment, compassion, shame, parenting, mindfulness, and positive psychology. The content offered on this cluster of topics is thoroughly satisfying while it inspires readers to pursue their own informed questions. Highly recommended for curious clinicians of all stripes – students, academics, and professionals.’

Christopher Germer, PhD, Harvard Medical School, USA

‘Compassion focussed psychotherapy is the most promising treatment for emotion disorders that have not responded well to other therapies. This is simply the best introduction to this extraordinarily valuable approach. It is highly recommended for experienced practitioners, as well as those starting out in psychotherapeutic practice.’

Professor Peter Fonagy OBE, Head of Division for Psychology and Language Sciences at UCL